Journey SELL

Steps to Selling Your Home

Meet With Me

Our journey begins with meetings to establish rapport, wants/needs, and counseling about the selling process. Our collective goal at HUFF Realty is to lead, teach & serve you through the seller's journey.

Agree On a Selling Plan

Agreeing on a selling plan involves reviewing market conditions and the tools available to test the market at the agreed price and condition of the home/property.

Stage Home

Painting, decor, reducing clutter, landscaping helps sell the home. You cannot change the location of the home. You can change the condition.

Listing Paperwork

This is where you officially partner with a Realtor and brokerage. The listing paperwork kicks off HUFF's team to legally and officially tell the world your home is for sale.

Home Warranty

A Home Warranty service contract can help protect your budget from costly surprise repairs and replacement of your home’s covered major components of mechanical systems and appliances. Adding a warranty during the listing period may help reduce your “out-of-pocket” expenses from covered breakdowns.
Learn more about the Home Warranty options presented by HUFF Realty.*

Photos Taken

The number one item desired by buyers when viewing homes online are photos.

Market Exposure

We make every effort to provide agents information and access to your home. Our HUFF systems help spread the word about your home to the world.


After agents and consumers see your home online, they may want to visit the home and get a much better feel. We call these “showings”.

Price Adjustments

Market conditions determine the price buyers will pay. Price adjustments may be needed if no showings and/or offers occur. Price adjustments are a NORMAL part of a seller’s journey.

Offer Presented

The buyer's agent contacts the seller's agent to place an offer. The seller's agent then contacts the home seller to present the terms and conditions of the offer.


Not all parties think alike, negotiations are a NORMAL part of the seller's journey.

Counter/Accepted Offer

As the seller, you can agree to an offer or you can counter offer. It is FAIR and REASONABLE for parties to counter offer. At some point in the process the buyer and seller agree.


In most transactions, the buyer will write in the accepted offer to have a property inspected. Inspections are a NORMAL part of the journey.


After inspections, requests may be made for repairs. It is FAIR and REASONABLE for this request to be made. It is your choice to make the repairs - most sellers do.

Buyer Closing Process

You are waiting for the buyer's side to go through the processes to legally transfer the property. Further negotiations may be needed to keep your seller's journey on track.


This is where you meet to sign the legal papers to transfer ownership & collect any money due at the closing.

*This information is a paid advertisement and not an endorsement of a Warranty Provider.



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