Getting Ready

Curb Appeal is Essential

A well-manicured lawn creates a good first impression. Make sure your lawn is freshly cut, bushes are pruned and planting areas are weeded. Inspect and tend to shutters, steps, front door, driveway and windows. Check the condition of your roof and clean downspouts.

Keep it Clean

Neatness counts and your home should be kept in shape for showings. Clean each room thoroughly, giving special attention to the entry, kitchen and bathrooms. Clean carpet, flooring and windows, and don’t forget about cobwebs in the corners, basement and attic. Open windows to make rooms bright and cheery.

Clear the Clutter

Potential homebuyers may look in closets and cupboards, so make them as tidy as possible. Remove items you don’t use, including bulky furniture, which can make rooms appear smaller.

Fix What's Broken

Repair easily fixable items such as loose doorknobs and towel racks, dripping faucets, squeaking doors and broken appliances. Spending time fixing these items now will remove possible buyer objections later.


Small details such as new towels, flowers and even a coat of paint can make a big impression on homebuyers. Replace worn hardware and lighting fixtures. Repair or replace torn screens.


Even your basement will give homebuyers clues as to how much care you’ve given to maintaining your home. Now is the time to organize storage areas and clean the furnace and laundry areas.


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