International Relocation Services

HUFF Realty Relocation, acts as a liaison between you, your Third Party Relocation Counselor, and your Human Resource Representative. Ensuring all parties are provided the same information keeping everyone involved with your transfer process. We can manage the on the ground process of your International Move, and it is our every day goal to make sure you are being provided with a High Touch Service.

The Relocation Team and the HUFF Realty Sales Associates have been through extensive training to assist you with your International transfer. We have been trained on many different types of transfers and have been educated on the destination services that you may require. Providing you with individual Settling-In Services makes our team unique, and provides you with a one point contact. We are here to help you with services ranging from your social security office visit, helping you with your banking needs, purchasing a car, helping you with your postal service, and even providing you with an area tour. This is just a small list of items that we provide during your settling-in time.