The Best Value of Your Home
Comes From a HUFF Realty Associate.

Comparative Market Analysis (Best  - 5 stars)

Computers can only do so much estimating.

The best evaluation comes from a HUFF Realty associate visiting your home and creating what the industry calls a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) after visiting.  When a HUFF associate visits your home, they can see the additions and remodeling you have completed which might not be in the public record data.  They can see the upgrades you have made to the home.  A visit gives our HUFF associates the extra information they need to compare to homes in the local MLS directory.  Homes on the market at this very moment in time.

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Interactive AVM (Better  - 4 stars)

When you ask one of our HUFF Realty associates to calculate an Interactive AVM, they combine the modeling system used in the "Good" estimate with current local MLS data to increase the accuracy of the estimated value and to provide you with more details about the marketplace.  This only requires your name, email address and interested property address (Street # & name, City, State, Zip).

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Estimated Value from (Good - 3 stars)

In the HUFF AVM model, a second value appeared (estimated value) for the address entered because several other value estimates are available in the industry.  These values also come from public information about the address entered.  The value will most likely be different because the company providing these values use different modeling systems to estimate value.

Zestimates from (Not So Good - 2 stars)

Automated values from are very popular but the devil is in the details.  According to Zillow's own statements and data about the accuracy of their estimates locally they have an error margin between 5% and 20%

81.5% of the Zestimates for our area are within 20% of the Sales Price. That means for a home worth $200,000, the Zestimate could be off by as much as $40,000!

What does this mean for you?  It just means the public information available for automated values contains a wide range of estimates that cannot replace more traditional values offered by local real estate professionals and appraisers which have more tools available for valuations.

Metro Area

# of homes on Zillow

# of homes w/ Zestimates

Within 5% of Sale Price

Within 10% of Sales Price

Within 20% of Sales Price

Cincinnati/ Northern KY 812 K 728.6 K 36% 60.1% 81.5%

Data provided from  - Last updated: August 26, 2015