Personalized Company Relocation Services

HUFF Realty Relocation provides employee updates to your company on an ongoing basis. HUFF REALTY Relocation can manage and coordinate all mobility services and support needed by any of your company employees.  While making sure that we are assisting you with containing relocation costs. We make it a priority to provide superior customer service.

Huff Realty Relocation offers your company personalized relocation services, support and solutions:

  • Relocation plan development and implementation.
  • Relocation policy development.
  • Relocation benefits package implementation.
  • Information packets and resources for the destination city.
  • Needs assessment for candidate/new hire/employee.
  • Candidate pre-decision tours and employee area tours.
  • Assistance with the sale of the home in the departure city.
  • Home finding assistance in the destination city. 
  • Rental assistance in the destination city. 
  • Coordination of temporary housing.
  • Coordination of the shipment of the household goods.
  • Mortgage assistance provided.
  • Dual career assistance offered.
  • Tax and Expense Management.
  • International Relocation Services.