Do you have what it takes?

What it takes to be in real estate
Do you have what it takes to become a successful real estate professional? Being a real estate professional requires a very special personality. Here are some qualities shared by Indiana Realtors and Kentucky Realtors. This might help you decide if you should make a full-time commitment to a very rewarding career.

Attributes of a Successful Realtor

Must Truly Like People

Residential real estate is an extremely people-oriented profession. If you are energized just being around others, you'll not only enjoy real estate, you'll likely be very successful at it. On the other hand, if you require solitude to be productive, you should keep that in mind when considering a real estate career.

Must have Empathy

In addition to liking people, you should also be able to empathize with them. You need to understand their needs and desires without becoming overly involved with their personal problems.

Must Have Healthy Ego

This doesn't mean you are egotistical; rather, it implies self-confidence and pride. Whatever you do, you do well.

Must be a Self Starter

Real estate is a business where working hard and doing the right things can yield tremendous financial rewards. On the other hand, these is no compensation for just "showing up" every day. You must establish clear goals, organize your priorities and stay focused on your objectives.

Must Have Patience

You'll need a lot of patience to handle the various "hurry up and wait" aspects of the business. This is a people business, and you will occasionally be required to deal with people who try your patience. You can't allow someone else to cause you to lose your composure.

Must Have A Thirst For Knowledge

Our business is constantly changing. You must learn and grow continuously in order to be able to provide the best possible service to your customers.

Must Be A Good Listener

The notion of the "fast-talking" real estate salesperson is as outdated as the typewriter. To be a successful REALTOR, you must be an excellent communicator, able to both speak and listen well. Your ability to understand what your buyers and sellers are telling you is absolutely essential.

Must Be Financially Solvent

The pressure of unpaid bills can ruin a budding real estate career.You should have enough savings to live comfortably for four to six months when starting out. That way, you'll be able to focus all of your energy on providing excellent service to your customers, not just closing deals and collecting commissions.

Must Be Team Oriented

Real estate agents are independent contractors. However, as a HUFF Realtor Sales Associate, you are part of something bigger - the most successful team of real estate professionals in the area. Independent, yet never isolated.

Must Be Emotionally Stable

The nature of our business can be like a roller coaster ride with extreme heights and sudden plunges. To prosper, you will have to recover quickly from lost sales and accept success graciously.

Must Have Physical Stamina

Selling real estate is a very demanding profession. At the end of a long day of showings, missed meals and stressful negotiations, a Sales Associate may still find him/herself presenting an offer that can mean the difference between success and failure. Extended hours come with the territory.

Must Have A Tolerant Family

This is very important. Without the confidence, support, trust and understanding of the family, the new salesperson works against unfavorable odds. A clear understanding of the hours, commission arrangements and demands of the business by all parties is essential.

Must Be Business Minded

Be aware that real estate professionals are independent contractors. Because you will be starting your own business, you need to be mentally willing to accept the challenge.

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