What does a Real Estate Agent do?

What real estate agents do

The day in the life of a HUFF real estate agent varies with each agent. As each week progresses you will gain more knowledge and experience to build your daily activities which will evolve into your personal real estate sales system.

We can offer some general activity areas that hundreds of HUFF agents follow each day. Review the list below and see what a typical real estate day is like.


The life-blood of a real estate agent's career. An everyday activity conducted in a wide variety of ways. You contact people you know to inform and remind them you are a realtor. You meet new people and stay in touch with them and remind them you are a real estate agent. You prospect through:

Continuous contact with your Sphere of Influence (people you know and new people you meet). Personal networking (join clubs, be active in the community). Electronic marketing (using email and other internet tools to stay in touch). Open houses (host open houses for your listings and other agents to meet new customers and keep your skills sharp). Neighborhood marketing (start a newsletter for a local area of interest or provide information services to members of local little leagues, soccer teams,etc.). On-site sales, service desk in our sales offices.


The easiest way agents have to control their time and income. Think of it as opening your retail store where you help sell someone's home. How do you find sellers?

For Sale by Owners (FSBO's). Personal referrals and past customers once you build your book of business. Neighborhood and local team marketing. Phone opportunity - Service Desk. Expired listings. Contacts from open houses.


Most new real estate agents will work with more buyers than sellers. The process of helping buyers is different from sellers. Below are some general daily activities agents conduct with buyers.

Buyer Interview (Before you get in the car to show property, sit down with your customers and find out their needs.). Mortgage Assistance (Understanding the mortgage process is important. How to qualify buyers and answer fundamental questions about different types of loans. Then join forces with HomeServices Lending to help your buyer get excellent financing advice and programs.) Negotiating (Bring the deal to a successful conclusion, from showing to contract to closing and beyond.)


An absolute must - this is where you network with your own agents and talk about your listings and buyer needs. This is where you will get the latest information on license law, marketing, technology and more. Caravans are also days set aside to tour homes for sale by other HUFF real estate agents.


Don't give up those outside activities! Become the real estate expert for the community or business group that interests you.


Staying up to date on local issues regarding highways, re-routing roads, environmental issues, zoning changes, etc. The buyer and seller expect you to have the local knowledge of these so it is up to you to stay current.

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