What to look for when affiliating with a broker?


• Will your manager possess a management style that fits your needs?
• Are they too busy selling to meet your needs?
• Will they provide support to you as a coach, teacher, trainer and are they available when you need them?

You want managers who will help you build your business. 


• Does the company have an in-house marketing department?
• Does the company provide a media plan which features all your listings for one low cost to you?
• Does the company have state-of-the-art web based marketing tools that communicate with buyers and sellers?

You want a broker who provides the advertising you need at one low cost to you.


• Is the company recognized for its outstanding reputation and excellent customer service?

You want a company that can document a high market share in its service area with a high level of customer service.


• Does the company have a training program?,
• Do they have a full time professional dedicated to providing hands-on modular instruction?
• How do the managers follow up this training?
• Can the company provide CE opportunities?
• What other enrichment opportunities do they provide?

You want a company that provides the best training program possible.


• What technology does each office provide?
• What about industry software training?
• How do I know the company will be able to compete as technology drives the consumer?
• Does the company provide you with your own website and blog site without additional charges?
• Does the company provide you with spam/virus protected email system?
• Does the company provide you with internet based customer follow-up system with integrated e-marketing capabilities?

You want a company that recognizes the potential for its agents if the highest and best technology is available. 


• What is the source of the referrals?
• How do I qualify for referrals?
• How do the managers follow up this training?
• Can the company provide CE opportunities?
• What other enrichment opportunities do they provide?

You want a company that protects your profession from those who are not trained, licensed, or properly motivated to provide real estate services to your clients. 


• How many offices are in the area?
• What if I like the company concept, but I don't like the manager?  Or vice versa?
• Is the office pleasant and visible to clients?

You want a company whose locations are strategic and convenient.


• Does the company have mortgage and closing services available?
• Is there a loan originator based at the office location to better meet your needs?

You want a company with comprehensive financial services. One stop shop...


• Look at the TOTAL package.
• Is there a balance between the company split and your split that offers you the support you need?
• Is the company split tied directly to your success?
• Some companies charge desk or franchise fees due from each agent on a monthly basis, and allow agents to keep more of their commission. But typically, these fees only benefit the office owner and are not tied to providing support services that promote the agent's success.

You want a company whose success is tied to yours.


• What are the company's mission and values?
• Does it promote longevity and success?
• How is it translated into everyday activity?

You want a company whose mission and values mirror you own.

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