About Frank Schmitt, REALTOR®

Frank Schmitt has had an extremely successful sales career over the past 4 decades and today, over 95% of his business comes from repeat clients and referrals. He’s always felt that referrals and repeat business are the best reasons why his clients should use him because one doesn’t have those statistics unless they do an exceptional job for their clients!

From day one on the sale floor back in 1980, Frank’s creed was to ALWAYS PUT THE NEEDS OF HIS CLIENTS AHEAD OF HIS WALLET! He views his prospective clients in the same way as good physicians approach their patients. He asks them questions to find out what’s wrong/what their needs are and then writes the prescription.  In the case of Real Estate, he asks his clients questions to find out what their needs are and then educates them about the process involved in order for them to achieve their desired results (writing the prescription).

Buying and selling Real Estate can become a very emotional roller coaster for an individual. Frank’s exceptional training over the past 40 years from world renowned experts however enables him to smooth out the rough spots and bring an inner peace to his clients.

The driving force behind how Frank Schmitt treats his clients is the fact that on October 20th, 2003, he had an aneurysm burst in his brain. He had 3 operations and was in a coma for 2.5 weeks before he died and briefly experienced the outer parameters of heaven. It was a life changing experience for him and Frank’s so very grateful to have been brought back here to Earth to get it right the second time around. The main thing he experienced was that RELATIONSHIPS are the only thing that truly matters in this world ~ first with our Creator and secondly, with EVER SOUL WE ENCOUNTER!  Therefore, Frank appreciates all his clients and treats them with tremendous respect for the precious soul each of them are!