Auctions: Why Auction?

The auction method accelerates the sale of your property by generating additional consumer interest and activity. Non-contingent contracts and projected third party day settlements are required of all buyers of auctioned properties. This means a quick transaction for you.

You decide the sale date and terms.

With an auction, the seller sets the date of sale, which is usually 30 to 60 days from listing. Your property sells on the date of the auction.

Auction stops Seller's holding costs.

Taxes, insurance, depreciation, maintenance fees, lost opportunity cost, interest on mortgage, etc., are holding costs and they can be burdensome for the seller during a "possible" long traditional real estate sale. All these payments are ongoing but they stop once the house sells at auction. Not only do they stop, but they are also limited in length because of the accelerated pace of the auction marketing process. Limiting these holding costs is a major auction advantage.

Market drives the price.

Value is realized through a seasoned auction company’s ability to deliver the target-market and the strength of a professionally run auction team led by a skilled real estate auctioneer. Most auctions held under these conditions get every penny your property is worth.

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