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Laidley House History    
Frederick Alexander Laidley, born in Maple Grove West Virginia, migrated to the Cincinnati area in the 1850's. As the owner of the White Packet Line of riverboats, Laidley soon became a leader in the transportation industry. While Laidley did operate five ships in total, he was known for the City of Louisville and the City of Cincinnati steamers.
Despite Laidley primarily working in Cincinnati, he decided to reside in Covington, Kentucky at 404 East Second Street. In 1866 Laidley married Julia Rook and started to raise a family in a Victorian home (now known as the Laidley House). The home features thirteen foot ceilings, ornate fireplaces, a wine cellar and other intriguing details. The first floor held a kitchen, dining room, parlor and ballroom. On the third floor a staircase leads to a cupola that overlooks the city of Cincinnati. Commadore Laidley, as he was known, used the cupola to see if his ships came into port on time.

In the nineteenth and twentieth century, the Laidley house was often occupied with parties and other social gatherings. The home continued to be occupied by the family until 1972 when the last of the Laidley children, Elise Louise Laidley Moore, passed away.

The Laidley House won the City of Covington Preservation Award in 2004, the historic preservation award of the Miami Purchase Association in 1978 and is on the National register of historic places.

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